Thursday, April 19, 2007

Heaven Help Us...

From an independent living assignment in the cottage - What our half pint client will need when she moves into her first apartment:

1. bed
2. ckawch (couch)
3. silverwer
4. chaer (chair)
5. lamp
6. fernuter (furniture)
7. food
8. vakuomclener (vacuum cleaner)
9. brome (broom)
10. plunger
11. napcins (napkins)
12. grill
13. rags
14. londery baskit
15. sampow (shampoo)
16. condichner
17. mony
18. job
19. fiyerikstenwesr (fire extinguisher)
20. books
21. paper
22. plege
25. cawercertins (shower curtains)
26. tothbruch

I think she needs to add a dictionary onto that list. My favourites are the fire extinguisher & vacuum cleaner.

One of the other girls put "a man" on her list, right in between make-up & shampoo. Another listed "husband (Bill Gates)" on hers.

I can't quite decide whether this belongs in the D'oh or Ha, Ha, Ha category...

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